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Oh yeah baby, felt that and I must be 150 miles away from the epicentre which is being said to be in Hull. I’m nearish to Oxford.

Just lying in bed, thought “WTF, someones nudging my bed” looked, of course nobody was. And it kept shaking whilst I could see nobody there. 4.7 on the richter scale apparently. More in the morning!

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Twitter Updates for 2008-02-26

  • Watching the freeesh prince! Found a new and exciting channel to watch it on! #
  • Prison Break addiction time. #
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Prison Break


My current addiction… It has taken me now 2 weeks to get from the very start of season 1, to where I am tonight, up-to-date with season 3. Thats episode 13, thats 57 episodes in 15 days. Oh dear, please let me go outside!

Prison Break

P.s. Bring on the next episode!

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EASILY the coolest, most interesting and geniously brilliant channel ever to be devised. What more could you need on TV, other than repeats of BBC comedy programming. You can pretty much be assured to be able to see either Top Gear, Have I Got News For You, Who’s Line Is It Anyway, etc etc etc on at anytime.

This wonder, of course comes with a downside… adverts. A worthy trade? Put it this way, since setting freeview up a few weeks ago this is my most watched channel.

The name is also kick ass…


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WordPress Weirdness


So yes wordpress is being very weird. Just posted the football related post and it came up with some very strange bits of formatting, even though there was nothing but text showing in the code section. Things like having only 2 words on a line (one at each end of the line) and the text not wrapping at the end of the section resulting in the text continuing underneath the sidebar.

Will keep an eye on it!

Also, wordpress related, desperate to find the widget/code which allows you to add your social media presence to the blogroll, and adds the cool pictures relating to each site. Maybe this is only VOX you can do this on?

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Wednesday Football


Lets talk football… Wednesday is the next installment in the office football saga. Week 3 of the new season brings us one week closer to the end of season drinking binge!

It is also the first chance we have to wear our brand spanking new kits! Lets hope the unparalleled excitement which engulfed the office when they arrived last week, is present tomorrow night and we get a strong competitive match. Of course we are going to win, but that just goes without saying.

Other football related things of interest recently, haha Eduardo! Always a shame to see a pro get hurt on the pitch, but it is definitely worth remembering he is Gunner scum.

Torres hat-trick – good lad! About time Liverpool got some points again! Looking forward to the delayed champs league 2nd leg vs Inter, why they couldn’t play on the Tuesday/Wednesday instead of separate weeks?


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Twitter Updates for 2008-02-25

  • Another monday, booo #
  • testing things #
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Sat 23/02/2008 13:54 23022008029

Bombhead loving the world of paintballing

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