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Barman Bomb

Sat 09/08/2008 22:27 09082008875

North Side

Sat 09/08/2008 22:27 09082008876
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About Page


Updated, finally, I tried to be honest…

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Site Update


I opened this site back in January of 08, at the time of writing this around 6 months has passed and there are around 300 posts, 100 non spam comments and countless spam comments. I have just gone over 3000 hits, a Google PageRank of 3 and Technorati authority of 10. For my first soiree into the blogosphere I don’t think this is too bad. There is no way I have invested as much time into the site as I would have originally liked to. The early plan to do a overhaul of the skin has constantly been put on the back burner, where I suspect it will stay for a number of months yet. Logo needs to change too, but again, its finding time when I feel creative and up for it.

Only major change recently, you may have noticed, that I have turned off the daily Twitter overview post. Partly because I got bored of it, partly because it showcased how infrequently I was actually posting and partly because it’s not fair on Jaiku! I can’t believe anyone wants these back right?

Current goals, increase post frequency and get up to PR 4/5. Oh, and of course I am still trying to overtake that other Colin Mercer, the bugger who comes ahead of me on a Google search on my name. Damn scholars!

I guess, another update in 6 months or so…


My England Cricket Team


A lot of recent discussion over what the England cricket team should be, so I thought I would make my ideas public. So will run through who and why.

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Cricket Stumps


Yes that’s right, cricket stumps, I am going to write an article about cricket stumps! Purely because they just did a feature at lunch in the cricket on how they work. Admittedly the TV is muted and there are no subtitles so I don’t know anything about them, as the saying goes “a picture says a thousand words”. Lets see, the facts, there are 3 stumps at each end, each 28 inches tall. The gap between them is sensibly too small for the ball to pass through. On top are 2 bails, but this is off topic, maybe worthy of its own post?

Cricket has been played for hundreds and hundreds of years, the first official references dates back to 1550, however it is suspected that the sport runs back earlier. In the last 15 years, one of the stumps has changed. How I hear you desperately asking… blame TV, but they have hollowed out the middle stump and added a little camera. This is the easy bit, its running the cables under the ground to get the signal back to the van that seems tough. They just showed the groundsman / technician (this is where sound would have been helpful) cutting cable runs, and digging holes to hide the wires. All seemed like a lot of effort, is the view it offers worth it? You decide…

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Weekend Away


Lucky old me has got today off work, for those who know a bit about our company this is quite a rarity. Especially as I only requested it off on Monday, so thanks boss! Why am I off, well I was in London last night with some chaps and chapettes for a lovely evening in the pub, All Bar One to be more specific. And to be more specific again, it was Mobile Geeks of London IV, organised, promoted and hosted by Mr James Whatley esq. I digress, so in London last night, and I knew I was coming down to Brighton tonight anyway so got the day off and came straight down last night.

Very good idea in hindsight, means I am now sat in the pub with a cold pint of Beck’s Vier, the internet and the cricket on.

That’s about it for now, this is kind of an extended Twitter message, but worth updating my adoring readership on!

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