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The Importance of people


This is going to sound like a post which old Snorlaz would write over at Spes et Fatum, all emotional and feelingy. Personally, I feel like I’m having a tough time of it at the moment, lots of silly little things adding up etc. What amazed me was that a simple text saying that ‘everything would be ok’ from a close friend who means the world to me seemingly made everything ok. Maybe temporarily, maybe a little longer term, either way what a star.

So because of this I have decided to publicise her a little. Anyone who knows anything about art will understand how awesome these paintings are. I know nothing whatsoever about art and I think they rock (not just because they have boobs in them, helps though).

It’s just a shame she has such a rubbish camera, someone donate one?

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Hey sir-rah sir-rah

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Hey sir-rah sir-rah, whatever will be will, we’re going to Wembley, Hey sir-rah sir-rah. I felt like singing this all the way to London on Saturday on my way to Wembley. However I thought better of it as its highly unlikely the rest of the bus wanted to listen to that for 2 hours. Who knows though hey?

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The Big Apple Once More


As I type I’m on a BA plane, hurtling over the Atlantic. Why? N-Gage baby! Off to a photo shoot with a couple of other guys, one from the UK and one from Germany. Scott and Norman. They can’t see me posting this, as they BOTH got upgraded and I didn’t, not impressed. Luckily I’ve been stranded with a rather nice New Yorker called Rose who is keeping me entertained instead. Tough life…

Other than that I will hopefully be hanging out with some of the locals (shout if you are around and I’ll do my best to fit you into the schedule) and checking out some of the sites.

More to come…

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Halted Evolution


Driving home from work today, listening to the radio as per usual, the wonders of Radio 5 live. The news came on, nothing different there of course, this happens every day. A story which I didn’t expect to hear was all about evolution. I know I know, not a new subject, in fact it has been around a fairly long time. Anyway…

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Ghostly Encounter


So far this story has only got me abused and shunned, yet I’m convinced it happened. It was not a dream, I did not imagine it, I actually saw a ghost.

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My Interview


Well check me out, I got interviewed!

Sylwia Presley, a work colleague and good friend from emailed me over a few questions last week which I promptly answered. She published them up on Thursday. You can take a look at them here.


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Saturday Football


A rapturous applause met us as we strolled powerfully through the officials entrance at Guiseley AFC’s ground on Saturday. Well… sort of, let me think… which facts are true… we strolled in through the official’s entrance of the ground, but there was certainly no applause. Mainly as the only people who were there this early were the players who were warming up on the pitch and some of the other officials / drunks.

Let me give you a little more information on what is going on… simply myself and Mr Jakkychamp from Alcopop were at Guiseley AFC’s FA CUP 2nd Qualifying round game against local rivals Garforth Town FC. This is fine, the only problem is that when I say local, I mean local to each other and bloody miles away from where we live. Leeds to be exact… so after the 4 hours drive from Oxford we had arrived in much need of a cider shaped reward.

We met up with some ace locals, more accurately Luke, Stuart, Aidan and David, who had come along for the game. So, quick beer and it was kick off time.

Guiseley got off to a flying start and went 2 up, Garforth got one back luckily before half time. The second half was all Garforth, who got a late equaliser after Guiseley had their striker controversially sent off. It finished 2-2 and this meant replay, which was coincidentally held last night, Guiseley dominated and went through 3-1.

All cheer for Guiseley AFC in the third qualifying round at home against Sheffield, wish I could go up for it now!

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Update Update Update


Again, a post which I potentially promised not to post like this again for 6 months, well I lasted 2 since my last update. Anyway, an update on why I’ve been so MIA recently and not updating my blog / reading my feeds / spamming on Twitter, Jaiku, Friendfeed etc.

There are three simple reasons for this, in chronological order:

1) A lot of my posting is done through Nokia Lifeblog direct from my N95 8GB. To make this work on WordPress you have to add a wonderful script which PhoneBoy wrote. I have recently upgraded my WordPress version to 2.6, and the script no longer worked properly, all the images were rendered at the wrong size and looked strange so had to stop posting until my PHP expert buddy takes a look for me.

2) I have moved house, and with a busy work schedule have been unable to do much whilst at work. BT are being slow in installing our Broadband, so looks like I wont be back fully online until Friday. That’s not long now though!

3)This is more of an update on point 1, on my image problem when posting from Lifeblog, the problem has got a little more terminal. I updated my N95 8GB firmware, to the latest V30 version and now when you click on “Post to Web”, “Send” Lifeblog crashes. Meaning that I don’t think I will ever be able to post from my mobile again. This is a great disappointment to me, I have been looking into other solutions, only thing I’ve found is Wavelog. But everything I’ve read on this says its useless? By everything I mainly mean this post by All About Symbian.

Any ideas on cures for points 1 / 3 would be hugely appreciated. Otherwise, thanks for your patients and hope you continue to read whatever rubbish I put up.

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