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Football Write-Ups


I’ve been arguing with myself over whether or not I can/should post the weekly football write-up emails I send around the office after the game each week. The conclusion is that I can, however that I need to remove all proper names. Therefore as this week’s email included A LOT of nicknames I think I will leave those in and remove real names. Should still be very easy to work out who’s who from those in the know.

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Mid Vs Shu

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That’s what the TV is calling them at-least. I don’t understand how watching football on BBC is so much better than watching it on Sky and worlds better than Setanta. The commentators are generally worse, with the obvious exception of Andy Gray who needs to be shot, will probably do a separate post about him when I have the displeasure of having to listen to him next time.

Onto the actual game then, as I write this there is still another half an hour left (probably less by time I get around to publishing). Seems to me that either Sheffield Utd are pussies and are going down hurt for no reason or, as per a usual game with Middlesbrough, they are getting kicked left right and center. Another normal thing for a Middlesbrough game, Downing is a waste of space. His only tactic is to kick the ball past people then run into them to get a free kick and get the guy booked. Very impressed with Alves tonight, about time he looks fit and dangerous. If him and Mido get their attitude sorted its a very dangerous top line. Shame they will still have Wheater and Pogatez at the back, easily the ugliest, dirtiest and generally awful centre back combination in the league. Remembering that this league has Wes Brown in it….

Come on the Blades


Wednesday Football


Lets talk football… Wednesday is the next installment in the office football saga. Week 3 of the new season brings us one week closer to the end of season drinking binge!

It is also the first chance we have to wear our brand spanking new kits! Lets hope the unparalleled excitement which engulfed the office when they arrived last week, is present tomorrow night and we get a strong competitive match. Of course we are going to win, but that just goes without saying.

Other football related things of interest recently, haha Eduardo! Always a shame to see a pro get hurt on the pitch, but it is definitely worth remembering he is Gunner scum.

Torres hat-trick – good lad! About time Liverpool got some points again! Looking forward to the delayed champs league 2nd leg vs Inter, why they couldn’t play on the Tuesday/Wednesday instead of separate weeks?


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